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A new Plant Manager at STERI-MED PHARMA

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Mr. Richard Tanguay at STERI-MED PHARMA as our new Plant Manager, effective October 5, 2021. Mr. Tanguay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Laval University and has over 20 years of experience in production management, including 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

He has held various positions in pharmaceutical production management specialized in sterile injectables, tablets, ointments, suspensions and creams. He has also worked in chemical manufacturing and agricultural biotechnology.

In recent years, Mr. Tanguay has worked mainly in the manufacturing of injectable products for multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Sandoz/Novartis, holding production management positions in Canada and Europe. He has honed his skills in production performance improvement, change management, quality remediation, health and safety and multidisciplinary team management.